Are you looking to freshen up your company with a brand new identity, or are you a startup establishing a new business? No matter the size or status of your business, whether you're from Cardiff, Newport or anywhere else in the UK, I can deliver you a new bespoke logo design or a whole branding package.

Contact & Information

It is important for a designer to know as much as possible about their client's business. Together with your design needs and requirements, questions like these: What business are you in? Why was this company created? Who is your target audience? etc. This is a way for me to see the full picture of the company, which helps the design process of your new brand identity. Once I've got the required information, I'll send out a free no-obligation quote with the itemised cost.


If the quote has been accepted, we'll go over to the next step which is research. Who are the competitors? Do any of them have any designs or design features that you like? Why? It's also helpful to know your customer's preferences for products or services and of course their awareness of brands. All of this to which can be done by online review websites or surveys etc. More information and materials are also requested. These can be product names, any existing logotypes, taglines, internal & external signage, store interiors etc. Also the presence of the company, like social media, blogs, seminars and presentations.


The creative design process is where ideas are explored using the results of the research in combination with my design skills and experience. The time it takes combined with research depends on many factors such as size and complexity of the company, legal requirements, decision making, and if it's global, national or local etc. When ready, the final design will be presented with reasoning of how and why it was designed that way. Here you can give feedback, request changes or make the decision to receive your new brand identity.


You'll receive your logo design in print-ready formats (PDFs and EPS) and web-ready formats (JPG and PNG). If business cards or other stationery have been requested as well, you have the option to choose to print, but will come with an extra cost.

Business card design for Limpyo, a cleaning company in Sweden.